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Water Resources

Water is a precious natural resource which has multi-dimensional effects on the economy and development of a State but the sustainable provision of potable one to the people is capital intensive.

Before the coming on board of the present Administration of Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, the provision of potable water in Kogi State was appalling as most of the water schemes were in deplorable conditions while the bond water projects were abandoned across the three (3) Senatorial Districts of the State.

However, the present Administration under the leadership of Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello took the bull by the Horn through frantic efforts in the provision of funds for the execution of water projects across the nooks and crannies of the State as follows:

  1. Monthly release of N30,000,000.00 (Thirty Million Naira) only for the operation and maintenance of Greater Lokoja Water Supply Scheme (GLWSS) which now produces over 30-35,000 cubic meters of water per day instead of the monthly sum of N100,000,000.00 (One Hundred Million Naira) only hitherto been paid by the previous Administration to Chinese company CGC Nigerian Ltd, to operate and manage the water meters of water per day. Presently the new management team recorded the hitherto tension and acrimony as a result of acute shortage of water as well as save about N840,000,000.00 (Eight Hundred and Forty Million Naira) only yearly for the State Government.
  2. The release of N209,635,424.80 (Two Hundred and Nine Million, Six Hundred and Thirty-Five Thousand, Four Hundred and Thirty-Four Naira Eighty Kobo) only for the completion of abandoned 23 Nos. bond water projects across the three (3) Senatorial Districts of the State. These projects have been completed and commissioned namely; Aiyegunle-Gbede, Mopa, Ogidi, Nagazi Essomi, Obehira/Ageva, Idoji North, Idoji South, Magongo, Ogori Obangede, Oboroke, Ikuhi, Geregu, Anyigba Ajaka, Oguma, Imane, and However, due to the activities of vandals on these projects, some of them still need additional works.
  3. The sum of N38,431,125.00 (Thirty-Eighty Million, Four Hundred and Thirty-One thousand, One Hundred and Twenty Five Naira) only was approved by His Excellency for the rehabilitation of old Lokoja waterworks at Kpata the contract was awarded and the work has been completed.
  4. Approval for the variation of contract for metering of Greater Lokoja Water Supply Scheme (GLWSS) in favour of Vivid Global Resources Ltd, and Syntel Utilities Services Ltd at a contract sum of N219,276,692.31 (Two Hundred and Nineteen Million, Two Hundred and Seventy-Six Thousand, Six Hundred and Ninety-Two Naira, Thirty-One Kobo) only and N150,897,692.31 (One Hundred and Fifty Million, Eight Hundred and Ninety-Seven Thousand, Six Hundred and Ninety Two Naira Thirty One Kobo) only respectively (awaiting mobilization)
  5. The award of contract for rehabilitation of 17 Nos water projects in central/western senatorial districts and 10 Nos of water projects in Eastern Senatorial Districts at the cost of N187,132,065.75 (One Hundred and Eighty-Seven Million, One Hundred and Thirty-Two Thousand, Sixty-Five Naira, Seventy Five Kobo) only and N60,951,721.05 (Sixty Million, Nine Hundred and Fifty-One Thousand, Seven Hundred and Twenty-One Naira Five Kobo) only respectively (awaiting mobilization)
  6. Completion of feasibility study for the rehabilitation of some Nonfunctional Water Schemes which include Ife-Olokotun, Kotonkarfe, Ekuku, Okene, Dekina, Anyigba, Iyano etc (awaiting approval for award)
  7. Continuous sensitization of the indigenes of the State towards the government policy of metering of water supply as a source of revenue for the State.

However, series of efforts too numerous to mention have been put in place by the Ministry which would have afforded more areas of achievements, these were hampered by the obvious lack of funds from the State which made such precious proposals to suffer a severe setback.


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