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Transportation Sector


Transport sector indisputably comes second only to Government in terms of employment generation. This is why the sector is accorded top priority by Kogi State Government.

  1. Lokoja Mega Terminal: The administration of Governor Yahaya Bello has completed the Lokoja Mega Terminal. Its operation has been concesioned to Planet Project Ltd and is expected to take-off any moment from now.
  2. Establishment of traffic law for the State: The present administration, for the first time in the history of Kogi State, has fashioned out a draft Traffic Law for the State. The Bill, which is now in the State House of Assembly has passed second reading and public hearing.
  3. Resuscitation of Kogi State Transport Company: The present administration has resuscitated Kogi State Transport Company with the establishment of Confluence Express Services.
  4. Resuscitation of 11 nos Ashok Layland Buses: The Government of Yahaya Bello has also resuscitated the 11nos Ashok Layland Buses that were completely out of service when this Administration came on board.
  5. Establishment of Kogi State Traffic Management Authority (KOTRAMA): The Bill for the establishment of Kogi State Traffic Management Authority (KOTRAMA) is receiving attention in the State House of Assembly.

Construction of Ministry’s Office Complex: In order to address the acute shortage of office accommodation facing the Ministry, present administration has embarked on the reconstruction of the Ministry’s Office Complex. It is expected that the new office complex, when completed would drastically solve the office accommodation problem of the Ministry


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