Head of Service

The Office of the Head of Service (OHOS) is saddled with the responsibility of providing leadership and direction to all Government Agencies in the State. The Office is the custodian of Ethics, Ethos, Traditions and Conventions of the Public Service.

The overriding objective of the Public Service is to achieve and maintain an Institution that is well structured and better organized; whose staff possess the right skills, attitude and motivation to work effectively and efficiently to deliver quality service to the people of Kogi State in line with the vision of the State Government.


To be an efficient, proactive, value-driven organ of the State Government that provides leadership and direction in building a dynamic and well motivated workforce for effective service delivery.


Committed to optimal utilization of available human and material resources through deployment of competent and well motivated workforce for excellent service delivery.



  + 234 (0)81 7233 3815

  081 7233 3815

  Lugard House New Payout, GRA, Lokoja