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Environment and Natural Resources

The present administration in the State has carried out a number of laudable activities/programmes in consonance with the New Direction Blueprint Agenda in this sector.

The State has for the first 12th month sustained state monthly environmental sanitation exercise which was flagged by His Excellency Governor Yahaya Bello on May 25, 2016 after failed attempts in 2014.  Effective cleaning of public places is being improved upon continuously through buy-in, Local community ownership, stakeholder’s participation-religious, community and youth groups etc and cost-effectiveness. Stakeholders’engagements and community participation are continuously being strengthened for sustainability. Review of Sanitation Board Law 2013 new laws and regulations for improved private sector participation in line with NDB targets-State Environmental Health Services Law have also been developed (draft stage). Other documents developed are; the Waste Management Sector Investor’s Guide, Draft Tariff Regulation, and Sanitation Policy.

A 20 hectares sate dump site has been provided and the process of procurement for construction of engineered landfill as provided in the 2017 budget has commenced and land for recycling projects. Kogi State Forestry Law has been developed in October 2017 by a committee of experts-FRIN, NPS, FMOE, UI, KSU, FUL, Ministry of Justice etc.

Upgrade of 2 reserved to National Park status in progress while mapping of gazette forest reserves currently going on. With the recruitment of 100 forest guards, the State has recorded over 80% success in regaining control of State Forest Reserves in the State.

Training of 100 forest guards was by FRIN (forest management) and the National Park Service (internship in existing National Parks-Kainji and Old Oyo). A first every comprehensive approach to capacity building for new employees. The process for recruiting a second batch of 94 has commenced. 2017 afforestation 20 hectares of plantation established with support from Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria (FRIN) in Anyigba forestry project-state payment for the seedlings is still pending.

5 zonal offices established in 5 strategic LGAs for effective forestry management and control-Igalamela, Okpo, Yagba East, Kogi, and Okene. Regulated private sector participation now in place. Recovery of 28 forest gazette documents, the State has recovered 27 out of 36 gazetted forest reserves documents have been recovered from national archives and other location with support from FRIN. The Lokoja Embankment project is on course while a statewide assessment of ecological challenges was conducted which had provided baseline data for addressing ecological challenges with 206 gullies confirmed in the State.

Other activities in the sector also included the engagement of and joint assessment with Ecological fund office and NEMA; evaculation of indiscriminate dumps at Adankolo market, Kabba-Okene Junction, Idah LGA, Okene LGA, Dekina LGA etc; desilting of drainages within Lokoja Metropolis; on-going construction of 5 public toilets in the 3 senatorial district of the State; trees planting in Anyigba forestry plantation; and coordination of UN-Habitat Programmes.

They also include the conduction of stakeholders (NEMA, NIWA, NIHSA, FRIN, and Federal Ministry of Environment) round the flood-affected Local Government Areas for Assessments; relocation and evacuation of flood-affected victims to IDP camp; collection of data on flood-affected victims; the first phase of PPP concluded and commenced November 2017 for the sector in premises inspection, forestry, and environmental levies collection through fully transparent and competitive process midwived by the State BPPP; and providing access to sanitary waste bins at the reduced rate provided through a partnership with manufacturers.


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