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Education, Science and Technology

In line with the New Direction BluePrint on Education, Kogi State Ministry of Education, Science and Technology have been outstanding in so many areas as capitulated in the Blue Print. Areas which the Ministry has been able to perform creditably includes but not limited to.


For the effective conduct of Senior Secondary School Examination and excellent performance of students, the first priority of the administration is in the academics. To this end, the education Ministry embarked on accreditation exercise which was carried out for WAEC/NECO centres for six (6) schools. Twenty-six (26) schools have also been accredited for Basic Education and Certificate Examination (BECE) based on an assessment of the Quality Assurance Department. As part of efforts geared at strengthening the quality assurance operations, thirty-six (36) additional staff have been redeployed to the Area offices, which translated into more effective monitoring and feedback to the Ministry.

As part of the dividend of concerted effort and innovations introduced into teaching and learning, Kogi State came 2nd nationwide at the 2017 Nigerian Mathematics and Science Olympaid held at the Headquarters of the National Mathematical Centre (NMC) Abuja, Master Ogwu Chubiyo Emmanuel of St Kizito’s College, Idah was among the Nigerian contingent to represent the country at the 2017 International Olympiad in Biology at the University of Warwick, Conventry, London, Uk from July 23rd -30th 2017 but for the series of violent attacks in the UK.  Over sixty (60) students receive medals, plagues and certificate for their outstanding performance in the 2017 Nigerian Mathematics and Sciences Olympiad held on Thursday 15th June 2017 in Kogi State.


Following the release of funds the Kogi Wide Excellence Competition (K.WAEC) Season 3 2016 edition has kicked-off. This competition has impacted on the lives of 23 students (Secondary and Tertiary) who received pre-installed laptop computers which is an asset to them in this era of computer based on tests and ICT. The cash prizes have helped the dream of many parents in supporting their children’s education N2,500,000 is given out every year as cash prizes. The verbal and public defense of the essay writing aspect has emboldened the undergraduate level in the art of public speaking which is a noble quality in leadership. While the quiz aspect of the Secondary School Level has helped the students to acquire the diligence required to excel in WASSCE, UTME, and NECO etc.  Hundreds of motivational books are also given to contribute to attitudinal change and value re-orientation of youth.

Book distribution to 50 schools in Kogi state by the ministry of education science and technology

Kogi East
1. Dekina 4 Govt. Day Sec. School Dekina

Biraidu Comm. Sec. School Abocho

Grace Christian Academy Ayingba

Comm. Sec. School Odu-Ofugo

2. Ankpa 3 Govt. Girls School Okaba

Comm. Sec. School Ojodu

Local Govt. Special Sec. School Ankpa

3. Omala 2 G.S.S Abejukolo

C.S.S Bagana

4. Bassa 2 G.S.S.S. Oguma

G.S.S Emiguni

5. Idah 2 G.S.S.S Idah

St. Kizito Idah

6. Ibaji 2 C.S.S Odeke

G.S.S.S Onyedega

7. Igalamela 2 Govt. Special Sci. Sec. School Ajaka

C.S.S Oforachi

8. Ofu 2 C.S.S Aloji

G.S.S.S Alloma

9. Olamaboro 2 Holy Spirit Special School, Imane

Okpo CSS Okpo

Kogi Central
1. Okene 4 Govt. Girls Sci. Sec. School Otutu

Queen of Apostle College, Okene

Local Govt. Day Sec. school Agassa

De-Wisdom Sec. Sch. Ageva

2. Adavi 3 Ebira Muslim Comp. College Okengue

C.S.S Egge

Al-Hazar Int’l College Zango Daji

3. Ajaokuta 2 Local Govt. Sci. School Ajaokuta

C.S.S. Geregu

4. Ogori-Magongo 1 Comm. Comp. High School, Ogori
5. Okehi 2 Govt. Girls unity Sec. School, Oboroke

Okehi comm. Sci. Sec. School Eika-Oyizenyi

Kogi West
1. Ijumu 3 Ijumu Ang. Sci. Sec. School Iyara

Ife Se. Commercial School, Iffe

Comm. Comp. Coll. Ayeh Gbede

2. Kabba 2 St Monica Sci. Coll. Kabba

C.S.S. Illah Bunu

3. Kogi 2 C.S.S. Gegu Beki

G.S.S.S. Kontonkarfe

4. Mopamuro 2 Govt. Special Sci. Ponyan

G.S.S Amuro

5. Yagba East 3 Oke-Oyi Sci. Sec. Ponyan

C.S.S.S Isanlu

Jege High School Jege

6. Yagba West 2 Titcombe College Egbe

Local Govt. Sec. School Ejiba

7. Lokoja 3 G .S .S.S Lokoja

G.S.S Agbaja



Seven NGOs were accredited to carry out projects on Sustainable Mechanisms for Improving Livelihoods and Household Empowerment (SMILE) programmes in our secondary schools, using block grant. The NGOs are as:

  1. Lift Up Care Foundation (LUCAF)
  2. Global Hope for Women and Children Foundation (GLOWHOC)
  3. Environmental Development and Family Health Organization (EDFHO)
  4. Kindling Hope Across the Nation Initiative
  5. Centre for Better Health and Community Development (BHECOD)
  6. Justice Development and Peace Commission (JDPC) Idah
  7. Diocesan Action Committee on AIDS (DACA)

The Quality Assurance Department of the Ministry of Education successfully conducted a general review of books and instructional materials for the 2017/2018-2022/2023 session.

In a collaborative effort, the synergy between Ministry of Education, Science and Technology the tripartite venture of Chevron, Texaco, and NNPC successfully led to the construction and handing over of a Hybrid Manual/Electronic Library to Kogi State Government Science Secondary School, Dekina.

The SUPER PAC on Education to serve as the think tank for the Education sector in the State was successfully inaugurated. Series of meetings have been held on identifying the major gaps in Education and how to proffer solutions in line with the New Direction Blue Print culminating in the production of action plan for the Sector.


In line with the training policy of the New Direction Administration, workshop was carried out on the 9 year Basic Education Curriculum in five (5) centers in the State, 1199 teachers participated with 610 schools keying into the programme, thereby making Kogi State complaint with the National Council on Education directive. In a similar vein, Headquarters and Area offices staff numbering sixty (60) received training on the theme: understanding the fundamentals of State Governance Ethics and Public Value Mentality: the role of public servants in the change era. Two staff of the PRS department participated in a 3-day workshop on Education Policy Strategy and Simulation Model in June 2017, organized by Federal Ministry of Education, in Minna, Niger State. This is crucial for statistical model required in planning.

African Union Teacher Development and ECOWAS Education Initiative State Committee were formed and first state meeting held.


In the area of sports, the State Ministry hosted-Nestle Milo U16 Basket Ball Championship where Kogi State came third out of 8 states. The event was held at the confluence stadium of the Confluence States.

The State’s U16 Football team made it to Akure for Copa Coca-Cola Semi-final competition at the zonal level and made a reasonable impact in the outing.

Other similar activities in which the Ministry participated include:

  1. Baseball Clinic at Al-hazaar College and is on-going at regular interval. This programme has received the attention and boost from the America Embassy in Nigeria with a donation of Baseball equipment.
  2. The Ministry went for a collaboration management meeting with Federal University Lokoja (FUL) to strategize on the way forward on School Sport, the University has been serving as a very dependable partner in the area of school sports development.

Science and technology:

A landmass of 1.2 hectares has been acquired as the permanent site for the construction of the Technology Incubation Centre, Lokoja, with the Federal Government having completed the construction of the mechanical workshop of the Technology Incubation Centre in the State. The Ministry took delivery of both the Biology and Chemistry Laboratory equipment for the Technology Incubation Centre.

Twelve (12) staff of the National Board for technology incubation (NBTI) have been deployed for smooth take-off of the Technology Incubation Centre under the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Kogi State Raw Material Information Centre (KORMIC) has been established under Ministry of Education. The centre houses a data bank where information data on available raw material resources in the State are gathered, processed, stored and disseminated. There is potential for patronage by investors and manufacturers.

The JETS programmes

Under this programme, the Junior Engineers, Technicians Scientists (JETS) program has been conducted among secondary schools in the State with collaborating NGOs which include PTDF (Petroleum Technology Development Fund) and NNPC in June 2017.

Science Teachers Association of Nigeria (STAN)

STAN Science quiz/project exhibition (August) was conducted on 13th July 2017. Best students were selected to represent the State at STAN National Competitions in Port-Harcourt, River State which was held in Port-Harcourt from 14-19th of August 2017 the performance was quite impressive.

The Mathematical Improvement Project (MIP)

The Mathematical Olympiad forms for 2017 was flagged off on 6th September 2017. Our various outlets have been written to key into this all important programmes. The interest of the students is overwhelming and indicative of   the rise in students interest in sciences.

Support from NGO –  Networking for Science Education Advancement (NSEA

The Ministry’s nomination of two schools for support for construction of laboratory equipment, chemicals and reagent by an NGO-Networking for Science and Education Advancement (NSEA) received approval. The representative of NSEA organization visited the two Secondary Schools Crowther Memorial College and Bishop Delisle Secondary School, Lokoja on July 2017. The cost estimate was taken by the representative of NSEA and arrangement for the taking off of the project is on-going.

Private schools

Between January and February 2017, the unit embarked on verification exercise/fee drive. This boosted the revenue generation of the Government, while equally putting the proprietors on the toe to improve the standard. A memorandum with the permission to close down illegal and substandard schools is undergoing processing at the State EXCO level, while the Executive Bill for the Kogi Education Law is being processed. Updating of approved and unapproved lists of school were carried out in March and April this year 2017 with the view of eventually do away with the illegal and substandard ones.

The Ministry Private School Unit, in collaboration with Lokoja Local Government Area Evaluator of Education, visited some substandard schools within Lokoja metropolis and issued letters of warning/relocation of such schools to a better environment.


Results of the 2017 State Common Entrance Examination show that 36.621 candidates wrote the examination with success rate of 95%. The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) was also successfully conducted.

The student’s’ performance analysis indicates 91% success rates for the 35.151 candidates and year 2017 WAEC examination was equally conducted successfully. The Examination was successfully monitored by officers from Ministry of Education and other stakeholders, the outcome of the result is encouraging as Kogi State now placed 15th out of 36 States and FCT. The State analysis shows Mopa/Muro leading with 78.29% success followed by Adavi Local Government Area with 67.62% and Okene with 62.98% is third while Yagba East and Yagba West ranked 20th and 21st respectively with many Kogi indigene meeting the required standard.

In furtherance of the unity policy of this administration, the students exchange programme with six (6) Northern States is being sustained in the 2 exchange schools of Abdulazeez Attah Memorial Okene and Government Girls Model Secondary School, Ogbonciha respectively. The students have resumed and ours gone to other States.

Miss Adebayo Rachael, a student of Kogi State origin on Students Exchange Programme at Queen Amina College, Kaduna, came the overall best in the Kaduna State Literature Competition. She received the outstanding award and gifts items such as Ipad and textbooks covering different subjects.

Tertiary Institutions

Successful hosting of Bilateral Education Agreement Interview for the North Central Zone was held in February, 2017 at the Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja. The various Governing Councils took part in the review of the uncleared list of staff submitted by the Screening Appeal Committee as directed by His Excellency. This exercise moved some staff from the uncleared list to cleared list. This is clearly a manifestation of participatory Government. The staff of the Department representing the Ministry on the Council of various Higher Institutions in the State attended several Council Meetings where far-reaching decisions were taken in the interest of the State. The Ministry took an active part on His Excellency’s tour of all the Tertiary Institutions in the State between 9th and 13th of July, 2017. The aim of the visit was for the Governor to have first-hand information of the problems and prospects of the institutions and proffer solutions.

In the Ministry’s quest for standard, a fact-finding visit to Central Polytechnic Ankpa was carried out. It was discovered that the school was neither approved nor accredited by NBTC but kept on graduating students and issuing ND certificates. The matter is being handled appropriately by the relevant authority.


Plans are at an advanced stage for the Computerization of forty (40) secondary schools across the State. This is aimed at catching up with global trend and international best practices. The development of Content Management Websites for the Primary and Secondary Schools in the State is on-going along with the establishment of a portal for all approved public and private schools in the State. This will greatly open our schools to the global community in terms of information.

Educational infrastructure:

The renovation of structures at Government Day Secondary School, Adankolo has been approved by the State Government. The award of the contract for this job is been processed following the completion of the B.Q. about 105 Secondary Schools are to be renovated. Assessment of the condition of the structures and facilities has been conducted jointly by the Ministry and the Government appointed Consultancy Firm-Design Age. Bill of quantities has also been completed awaiting to kick-starting of the projects further processing. The State Government approved the award of contract for the upgrading and remodeling of six (6) Unity Colleges across the State (i.e 2 per senatorial district). The contractor has since mobilized to site and work is on-going at the various site. These schools will serve as centres of excellence for the cognitive, affective and psychomotor development of the learners.

The schools include:

  • Abdulaziz Atta Memorial College, Okene
  • Government Girls Unity College, Oboroke
  • Ochaja Boys Secondary Schools, Ochaja
  • Ochaja Girls Secondary Schools, Ochaja
  • Titcombe College, Egbe
  • Government Science Secondary School, Lokoja

Ministry of Water Resources

Water is a precious natural resource which has multi-dimensional effects on the economy and development of a State but the sustainable provision of potable one to the people is capital intensive.

Before the coming on board of the present Administration of Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, the provision of potable water in Kogi State was appalling as most of the water schemes were in deplorable conditions while the bond water projects were abandoned across the three (3) Senatorial Districts of the State.

However, the present Administration under the leadership of Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello took the bull by the Horn through frantic efforts in the provision of funds for the execution of water projects across the nooks and crannies of the State as follows:

  1. Monthly release of N30,000,000.00 (Thirty Million Naira) only for the operation and maintenance of Greater Lokoja Water Supply Scheme (GLWSS) which now produces over 30-35,000 cubic meters of water per day instead of the monthly sum of N100,000,000.00 (One Hundred Million Naira) only hitherto been paid by the previous Administration to Chinese company CGC Nigerian Ltd, to operate and manage the water meters of water per day. Presently the new management team recorded the hitherto tension and acrimony as a result of acute shortage of water as well as save about N840,000,000.00 (Eight Hundred and Forty Million Naira) only yearly for the State Government.
  2. The release of N209,635,424.80 (Two Hundred and Nine Million, Six Hundred and Thirty-Five Thousand, Four Hundred and Thirty-Four Naira Eighty Kobo) only for the completion of abandoned 23 Nos. bond water projects across the three (3) Senatorial Districts of the State. These projects have been completed and commissioned namely; Aiyegunle-Gbede, Mopa, Ogidi, Nagazi Essomi, Obehira/Ageva, Idoji North, Idoji South, Magongo, Ogori Obangede, Oboroke, Ikuhi, Geregu, Anyigba Ajaka, Oguma, Imane, and However, due to the activities of vandals on these projects, some of them still need additional works.
  3. The sum of N38,431,125.00 (Thirty-Eighty Million, Four Hundred and Thirty-One thousand, One Hundred and Twenty Five Naira) only was approved by His Excellency for the rehabilitation of old Lokoja waterworks at Kpata the contract was awarded and the work has been completed.
  4. Approval for the variation of contract for metering of Greater Lokoja Water Supply Scheme (GLWSS) in favour of Vivid Global Resources Ltd, and Syntel Utilities Services Ltd at a contract sum of N219,276,692.31 (Two Hundred and Nineteen Million, Two Hundred and Seventy-Six Thousand, Six Hundred and Ninety-Two Naira, Thirty-One Kobo) only and N150,897,692.31 (One Hundred and Fifty Million, Eight Hundred and Ninety-Seven Thousand, Six Hundred and Ninety Two Naira Thirty One Kobo) only respectively (awaiting mobilization)
  5. The award of contract for rehabilitation of 17 Nos water projects in central/western senatorial districts and 10 Nos of water projects in Eastern Senatorial Districts at the cost of N187,132,065.75 (One Hundred and Eighty-Seven Million, One Hundred and Thirty-Two Thousand, Sixty-Five Naira, Seventy Five Kobo) only and N60,951,721.05 (Sixty Million, Nine Hundred and Fifty-One Thousand, Seven Hundred and Twenty-One Naira Five Kobo) only respectively (awaiting mobilization)
  6. Completion of feasibility study for the rehabilitation of some Nonfunctional Water Schemes which include Ife-Olokotun, Kotonkarfe, Ekuku, Okene, Dekina, Anyigba, Iyano etc (awaiting approval for award)
  7. Continuous sensitization of the indigenes of the State towards the government policy of metering of water supply as a source of revenue for the State.

However, series of efforts too numerous to mention have been put in place by the Ministry which would have afforded more areas of achievements, these were hampered by the obvious lack of funds from the State which made such precious proposals to suffer a severe setback.


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